The Englishwoman who walked up a hill and fell down a mountain

In the depths of winter, gloomy in more ways than one, my imagination and I sat down together and tried to decide what we could do to make life feel lighter and brighter. 

We ran through the unrealistic options first (win the lottery, marry a prince, stop eating cake and drinking wine) before landing on some things that were more attainable: sit outdoors with the sun on my face, eat good food cooked by someone else, and spend time in fresh, fragrant air, taking in a decent amount of exercise. 

Entering all of these things in to my Travel Venn Diagram, what should pop up in the very centre but the suggestion of a few days on the island of Mallorca. So I had a splurge on a flight, found some cheap and cheerful accommodation to use purely as a base, and began the countdown to a journey towards feeling much better.

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My Top 10 Travel Photos of 2022

If 2020 and 2021 were anything to go by, 2022 was set to be another year of next-to-nothingness when it came to solo travel. 

Last year I had managed to dig deep and have a few days out, then two or three nights away, but I was still gripped with nervousness and felt desperately stuck in a rut when I should have been getting back in to my groove.

At the beginning of this year, a friend asked me if I had thought about dating again, my last relationship having broken up at the end of 2019. I explained that no, what I really wanted most this year was to start getting out and about again, to have my life back.

But I knew that, despite help from my friends, ultimately it was down to me, and it was going to take time and effort.

And so it began: my journey back to being who I am.

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Three ways that Solo Travel shaped my Summer

I met up with a travel buddy recently and we were talking about our adventures during the Summer. He said how depressing he found it returning from being away and asked me if I felt the same. 

I replied, actually no, and he gave me a quizzical look.

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