Tip top tips for a solo female tripster

It seems that travel blogging is awash with Top Ten This and Seven Reasons Why That. And while some of these lists make interesting reading, I have to say, most of them seem fairly useless to someone of my ilk, namely a forty-something solo female traveller who is still slightly nervous but remains determined toContinue reading “Tip top tips for a solo female tripster”

Time out: what to do when you’re not travelling

I haven’t been on a trip since October.  That’s a long old time for me and my feet are growing very itchy.  Fortunately I don’t have long to wait now until I’m jetting off again but this abeyance in adventure got me thinking about how I fulfil my travel needs even when I’m not headingContinue reading “Time out: what to do when you’re not travelling”

Chins up, passport out

So right this very minute I should be sitting on a plane to New York with my (now ex) boyfriend. Instead I’m shuffling around the house in my pyjamas and a pair of dirty socks with just the cat and a bottle of prosecco for company. It was Henry David Thoreau who said, “The man whoContinue reading “Chins up, passport out”