Perfect Porto – except for the weather!

A dark night in November, after weeks and weeks of working crazy hours, I decide to shoehorn in one last trip of 2017. I set myself a challenge to take the cheapest flight I can find and make a successful trip out of it. Easyjet comes up trumps.  Manchester to Porto return for £37.98. GameContinue reading “Perfect Porto – except for the weather!”


My five favourite things to do in New York (and they’re all FREE!)

Let’s face it, getting to, and staying in, New York is not cheap. Especially if you’re travelling solo. Despite landing a bargain flight price, by the time I’d shelled out for a midtown hotel room for one and been fooled by’s woefully inadequate transparency of pricing (I argued the toss with them over andContinue reading “My five favourite things to do in New York (and they’re all FREE!)”

Five very good reasons to visit Wrocław

Now that winter was finally coming to an end, it was time to emerge from months of hibernation and house renovations to start my 2017 travels.  So my first trip of the year was Wrocław at Easter.  And it’s fair to say that while I had a great time, it was certainly a less-than perfect trip.  Let’s getContinue reading “Five very good reasons to visit Wrocław”

The Long Way to Packing like a Peasant

It’s a few days until my next trip and so I’ve made a start on thinking about what to take with me. Just a think, mind, because I don’ t really need to be that organised any more. No, it’s fair to say that I have packing down to a fine art. Not because I’mContinue reading “The Long Way to Packing like a Peasant”