Rain supreme: how to deal with bad weather on your trip

At this very moment in time I am holed up in my kitchen in my teeny tiny little doll’s house while the few windows and doors that are still intact are rattling crazily in the force 10 gale that is tearing through he place.  Yes, I’m having double glazing fitted slap bang in the middleContinue reading “Rain supreme: how to deal with bad weather on your trip”


Where to go as a first-time solo

After my recent belly-button gazing, and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I thought I’d better get back on track.  The main purposes of this thing I write are to tell it warts and all about what it’s like travelling solo as a middle-aged woman and to inspire others to do the same.  So let’s put our practical headsContinue reading “Where to go as a first-time solo”

Tip top tips for a solo female tripster

It seems that travel blogging is awash with Top Ten This and Seven Reasons Why That. And while some of these lists make interesting reading, I have to say, most of them seem fairly useless to someone of my ilk, namely a forty-something solo female traveller who is still slightly nervous but remains determined toContinue reading “Tip top tips for a solo female tripster”

Time out: what to do when you’re not travelling

I haven’t been on a trip since October.  That’s a long old time for me and my feet are growing very itchy.  Fortunately I don’t have long to wait now until I’m jetting off again but this abeyance in adventure got me thinking about how I fulfil my travel needs even when I’m not headingContinue reading “Time out: what to do when you’re not travelling”