Passport panic!

So where was I?  Oh yes… I’M DUE TO GET ON A FLIGHT HOME IN EIGHT HOURS’ TIME AND I HAVE NO PISSING PASSPORT. Uttering more expletives than the beginning of Four Weddings and a Funeral I tip my room upside down one last time before resigning myself to the fact that it has goneContinue reading “Passport panic!”

My 10 Favourite Travel Photos of 2016

2016.  The horribilisiest of annuses. Thank goodness for solo travel! I started writing a round-up of my 2016 travels a few days ago.  But it didn’t seem to flow very well and I felt that a monologue of everything I’d seen and done wasn’t the best fit for the end of the year.  I decided to come up withContinue reading “My 10 Favourite Travel Photos of 2016”