Long stories from my bookcase

Hello my lovelies.  Long time no see!

You might remember that in my previous post I said I was stopping blogging for a while because I needed to focus on trying to live a better life.  Well, after that, I started out with the best of intentions but, in retrospect, it wasn’t right; I was trying too hard and I was attempting to fix the wrong things.  Life hasn’t got any better, despite my efforts, and I’ve realised that I should have stuck with my writing because it’s my one constant in life; it’s what I do best and it’s the place where I am absolutely able to be myself.

As someone who is anti-social, anti-idiot, introverted, call it what you will, putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard is my salvation.  It’s my way of getting things off my ever-growing and sagging chest.  And, most importantly, when I’m writing, I really love the person that I am and I believe that the things I have to say are completely valid.

Today is World Book Day.  And that got me thinking.  Like a lot of relationships in my life, my connection with books hasn’t always been comfortable or beautiful.  But books, unlike blokes, blood relations or barmy mates, are more reliable and less likely to smack me in the face, or shout at me, or tell me what a lump of shit I am.  With a book I can choose to enter a world I like the look of.  But it’s equally easy to leave if it’s not treating me well.

So Long, 2020!

And so we reach the end of 2020. 

The year that I rushed through my passport renewal early on to make sure it had a burgundy cover. 

Right now it could be sky blue pink with yellow dots and it wouldn’t make any bloody difference.

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A big, fat, So Long post about nothing at all really

I’d like to start this post with the oft-made observation that there’s no doubt that the pandemic has irreversibly changed all of our lives.

But what happens when you get to the point that you have no clear-cut rational clue of how it’s actually truly affected you?

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A prelude to a forthcoming Very Long Blog post

Writing is a peculiar thing.  There are people who create books and plays and rambling prose and poetry.  Sometimes they win awards for what they say out loud.  And other times they get told that what they decided to share with the world is utter shite.

Imagine that. Imagine being told that what you feel is not worthy.

This weekend I’m working on a mahoosive blog post. 

It’s the biggest and most honest thing I’ve ever given away.  It won’t be comfortable reading and it certainly won’t win any awards.  My writing has never been about that – I’d have made a career of it otherwise.  But if it means I can really let go of what I’ve been feeling then it’s good enough for me.

Til then,

Shauna x