My Top Ten Structures That Span

In my last post I gave you all the gory details about climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge with a broken toe.

I also made a passing reference to my love of structures that span.

Add these two prattlings to a conversation that I had recently with a friend and it got me thinking…


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My All-Time Top Three Trips

In this post I’d like to tell you about my all-time top three trips as a solo traveller.

When I refer to ‘trips’ I daresay you’d be inclined to think that I’m talking about journeys I’ve made. But you’d be wrong. 

I actually mean falling over.

Specifically, falling over while travelling.

You know that age-old adage about it’s not a party until something gets broken?  Well I have a similar solong saying – and that is, in terms of my travels, it’s not a trip without a trip.

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Solo travel standstill

Apparently, exactly one year ago today I was in Bratislava all by my little old self.

It’s just dawned on me that I haven’t actually been on a plane on my own since then.

Yep, that’s right, with the exception of a couple of teeny tiny tripettes, my solitary sojourns have gone right up the spout.

And that isn’t about to change any time soon.

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