So Long 2018 – my year in photos

Well, I have to say, it’s been quite a year – solo travel and otherwise.  Despite taking a large chunk of the spring and summer off to invest some time and money in my brother’s wedding, I still managed to make it to seven countries, five of which were new ones.

I’m the first to admit that there have been some horribly low points – hating myself to the very core in Montenegro, fracturing my ankle in London and wondering what the actual fuck I had done during my first hour in Korea – but despite the trials and tribulations it’s been another terrific set of trips which I wouldn’t have missed for the world.Continue reading “So Long 2018 – my year in photos”

Making the most of Mostar

My nerves are in shitting shreds.

What if I’ve not done my research properly and I’m not allowed in without a visa?

What if they decide they don’t like the look of my fucking fugly face?

What if I get kicked off the bus and left at the border all alone without my bag and with no clean knickers?

What if I’m interrogated and I give the wrong answers and no one speaks English and I end up in prison?

What if…..? 

WHAT IF…..???!!!

I’m crossing the border from Montenegro into Bosnia and Herzegovina and I’m pooping pebbles, to say the least.

You see, land borders are somewhat unfamiliar to us Brits.  We live on an island.  We fly or sail between countries.  When travelling in mainland Europe we are waved right through.  Sometimes we don’t even notice when we go from one country to another.  We take it for granted (which is ironic, given our fuckforsaken country’s situation right now – but let’s save that rant for another day, eh?!).

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Kotor: Captivating, charming, crowded

From the moment my driver stopped the car and let me out at the Sea Gate, one of three entrances to its Old Town, I was stupefied by Kotor.fullsizeoutput_f3b

And by the time I had been there only a few minutes I had decided that it was possibly the most beguiling city I’d ever been to.

So it was ironic that I was in such a stink with myself for the three days that I was there – declaring myself to be anxious and miserable – because I was absolutely spellbound by the place itself.  What was THAT all about!?Continue reading “Kotor: Captivating, charming, crowded”

Why I’m not afraid to be a tourist

As a long-term part-time traveller and moving in social media circles, albeit on the edge of them, I come across those oh-so-serious types all the time.

“Be a traveller, not a tourist,” they declare. 

“Get off the beaten path”.

“Don’t follow the herd”. 

“Do your own thing”.

Blah, blah blah, blah, BLAH.

Jesus, they need to get over themselves!

You might have heard that today is World Tourism Day.  And so I want to take a look at why it’s absolutely okay to want to tread the path that many have before. 

Yes, I’m here to dispel the myth.


And here are three very good reasons why.Continue reading “Why I’m not afraid to be a tourist”