Big up to you, Blackpool!

You’ll be aware that during the past 18 months travel hasn’t really been a thing. 

For some people, last summer might have meant a caravanning holiday with their families, but for me, the furthest I went was to pick up an order from Ikea’s car park, some four miles away.

My life has seemingly shrunk to the size of a pinhead and while I have been happy creating teeny, tiny adventures in my locality, the nagging voice in my head has been telling me that I have been allowing my world to get smaller and smaller and that, when the time comes to start travelling again, I’m going to really struggle to rediscover what little confidence I had.

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Smiles and memories

I’ve been wondering how it’s going to be possible to carry on writing a travel blog without actually being able to travel.

It’s fair to say that there’s a certain irony at the moment, in creative terms at least.  More time to harp on but fewer experiences to tell you about. Indeed, as the weeks go by, I have been worrying that I might start to run out of things to write.  I have also been concerned that quite a lot of what I have been saying – particularly about myself – has been rather negative.

But I love my Sunday afternoon outpourings so for this post I decided I’d try something different.

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My Top Ten Structures That Span

In my last post I gave you all the gory details about climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge with a broken toe.

I also made a passing reference to my love of structures that span.

Add these two prattlings to a conversation that I had recently with a friend and it got me thinking…


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My All-Time Top Three Trips

In this post I’d like to tell you about my all-time top three trips as a solo traveller.

When I refer to ‘trips’ I daresay you’d be inclined to think that I’m talking about journeys I’ve made. But you’d be wrong. 

I actually mean falling over.

Specifically, falling over while travelling.

You know that age-old adage about it’s not a party until something gets broken?  Well I have a similar solong saying – and that is, in terms of my travels, it’s not a trip without a trip.

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