Kotor: Captivating, charming, crowded

From the moment my driver stopped the car and let me out at the Sea Gate, one of three entrances to its Old Town, I was stupefied by Kotor.fullsizeoutput_f3b

And by the time I had been there only a few minutes I had decided that it was possibly the most beguiling city I’d ever been to.

So it was ironic that I was in such a stink with myself for the three days that I was there – declaring myself to be anxious and miserable – because I was absolutely spellbound by the place itself.  What was THAT all about!?Continue reading “Kotor: Captivating, charming, crowded”

Why I’m not afraid to be a tourist

As a long-term part-time traveller and moving in social media circles, albeit on the edge of them, I come across those oh-so-serious types all the time.

“Be a traveller, not a tourist,” they declare. 

“Get off the beaten path”.

“Don’t follow the herd”. 

“Do your own thing”.

Blah, blah blah, blah, BLAH.

Jesus, they need to get over themselves!

You might have heard that today is World Tourism Day.  And so I want to take a look at why it’s absolutely okay to want to tread the path that many have before. 

Yes, I’m here to dispel the myth.


And here are three very good reasons why.Continue reading “Why I’m not afraid to be a tourist”