So long, self-help book!

This book arrived today.  I bought it because I had a voucher to use and because I’ve been worrying about festering and not achieving enough in my little Long Life. Look at the words on the cover: Hell fire. I’ve just realised that I don’t need to transform my life any more right now! InContinue reading “So long, self-help book!”

Heading back where I b-Long

A very dear friend gave me this a few weeks ago.  She’d drawn it especially for me. I absolutely love it. What a wonderful thing for a friend to do and, indeed say! I’ll be honest.  I didn’t recognise that person in the picture as me. Perhaps partly because I don’t have much in theContinue reading “Heading back where I b-Long”

One hundred days of solitude

As if 44,000 deaths wasn’t devastating enough, this week we passed a grim milestone. A hundred days of lockdown. A hundred whole days. A hundred days of, thankfully, still being alive and well. A hundred days of taking care of ourselves and one another.

So long writing?

Here’s a question: How do you write a travel blog when you’re not travelling, not planning to travel and don’t want to give out the illusion that you either are doing or will be doing?