Blogging block

As you may, or may not, have noticed I haven’t been around here much lately. Fair dos, I haven’t travelled so far for the past few weeks.  But I never let not travelling stop me from rambling on.  I always manage to find something to go on about – even if it’s only advice onContinue reading “Blogging block”

A solo travel soliloquy

My tweet reads: “If someone had told me eight years ago not only would I travel, but I’d go alone and to far-off places, I’d have never believed them. At that point in my life just going to the supermarket was an ordeal. Still is at times. Morribobs or Korea? Umm let me see 🤣Continue reading “A solo travel soliloquy”

Cross country to Constanta

It’s another early start after a very heavy sleep.  Today I am taking the train half-way across Romania, from Bucharest to Constanta, a town on the Black Sea coast. It’s actually pronounced ‘Constanza’.  The T has a little accent underneath it.  Unfortunately I can’t get my keyboard to do one.  Apologies. Catching the train toContinue reading “Cross country to Constanta”

The Right One or No One

Sitting in the bar at Trumpton Airport, sandwiched between the Car Crash Couple and the Dish of The Year got me thinking. About travelling – solo, naturally. And about people. And about choosing to spend our lives with someone.  Or not.