So Long 2018 – my year in photos

Well, I have to say, it’s been quite a year – solo travel and otherwise.  Despite taking a large chunk of the spring and summer off to invest some time and money in my brother’s wedding, I still managed to make it to seven countries, five of which were new ones. I’m the first toContinue reading “So Long 2018 – my year in photos”

Cross country to Constanta

It’s another early start after a very heavy sleep.  Today I am taking the train half-way across Romania, from Bucharest to Constanta, a town on the Black Sea coast. It’s actually pronounced ‘Constanza’.  The T has a little accent underneath it.  Unfortunately I can’t get my keyboard to do one.  Apologies. Catching the train toContinue reading “Cross country to Constanta”

A Romanian Ramble

I am so knackered that my sleep feels deep but in reality it’s rather broken.  This is mostly because my room is like a furnace so I have to open the window, and given that I am staying in the middle of the Old Town, there are revellers doing a really good job of theirContinue reading “A Romanian Ramble”