My five favourite things to do in New York (and they’re all FREE!)

Let’s face it, getting to, and staying in, New York is not cheap. Especially if you’re travelling solo. Despite landing a bargain flight price, by the time I’d shelled out for a midtown hotel room for one and been fooled by’s woefully inadequate transparency of pricing (I argued the toss with them over andContinue reading “My five favourite things to do in New York (and they’re all FREE!)”

Helsinki – body clock to cock but back to who I am

All aboard!  The sailing from Tallinn to Helsinki is much more of a breeze than I expected.  Sure, it’s an early start.  But it’s civilised enough and there are no major dramas.  I sit outside on the upstairs deck and enjoy the wind whipping my face and messing up my hair. I arrive in HelsinkiContinue reading “Helsinki – body clock to cock but back to who I am”

24 hours in Tallinn

Amazingly enough, I am not murdered in my bed by the Russian guys in the next room, or by anyone else for that matter, and so Sunday morning dawns, albeit much later than I’d expected. I’ve managed six whole wonderfully unbroken hours sleep.  Woohoo! But I am running late so there is no time toContinue reading “24 hours in Tallinn”

The Right One or No One

Sitting in the bar at Trumpton Airport, sandwiched between the Car Crash Couple and the Dish of The Year got me thinking. About travelling – solo, naturally. And about people. And about choosing to spend our lives with someone.  Or not.