My five favourite things to do in New York (and they’re all FREE!)

Let’s face it, getting to, and staying in, New York is not cheap. Especially if you’re travelling solo. Despite landing a bargain flight price, by the time I’d shelled out for a midtown hotel room for one and been fooled by’s woefully inadequate transparency of pricing (I argued the toss with them over andContinue reading “My five favourite things to do in New York (and they’re all FREE!)”


Tally-ho Tallinn!

My day does, of course, start very early and a tad grumpily.  But I soon get my chins back up when I remember that I am moving on.  I have very mixed feelings.  On the one hand I am sad to be leaving Riga as it has made a great impression on me and IContinue reading “Tally-ho Tallinn!”

Interlude: Happy Yorkshire Day from Sunny Bradford

For those of you who don’t know, I live in a city called Bradford. It’s in a county called West Yorkshire. And that’s in a country called England. It’s fair to say that Bradford gets a bad press. I could get into the whys and the wherefores. But I don’t want to enter into theContinue reading “Interlude: Happy Yorkshire Day from Sunny Bradford”

No Rest in Riga

I manage a total of about five hours of very broken sleep.  Okay, it’s an improvement on the previous night – but I still had a better quality kip in the park on my handbag the afternoon before.  As well as the incessant commotion and comings and goings, cleaners, luggage wheels and door banging, addContinue reading “No Rest in Riga”