No Rest in Riga

I manage a total of about five hours of very broken sleep.  Okay, it’s an improvement on the previous night – but I still had a better quality kip in the park on my handbag the afternoon before.  As well as the incessant commotion and comings and goings, cleaners, luggage wheels and door banging, addContinue reading “No Rest in Riga”


Revival in Riga

The Dreamfill Hotel, it turns out, is anything but.  I’m used to winging it when I travel but four hours of VERY broken sleep isn’t anywhere NEAR enough.  The Dreamfill has to be the noisiest place on the planet.  Or certainly in Riga.  There are people shrieking wildly outside my door all night, comings andContinue reading “Revival in Riga”

Irritable in Riga

In the time I’ve got in a taxi and then traipsed through Security and the Duty Free shop at Trumpton Airport to the bar and collapsed with a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc, the gorgeous, sunny yellow shoes which I bought especially for my trip to make me feel super-positive and happy have already rubbedContinue reading “Irritable in Riga”

Prologue to Tales of Latvia, Estonia & Helsinki

  So, if you’ve been bothered to read my previous post, you’ll know that my latest trip got me back to where I should be, after a very turbulent and unhappy few months.  Yes, me and my Solo Travel Sparkle are 100% are a super-happy loved-up couple once again – sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.